New! Helpful Links to the Left


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When you are first researching the idea of homeschooling, Google becomes your friend. But many resources are not easy to find online. Word of mouth is invaluable.

I’ve added a list of “Helpful Links” to the sidebar to help you with your searches. It is alphabetical, but I would probably organize it differently if I knew how. There are websites for homeschool groups or just homeschool support of one type or another as well as yahoo groups. Some of them are lists of homeschool groups. I hope to add to this list, and as it gets bigger I may move it to its own page. But for now I want it where it is visible to you. When you hover over a link a short description should show up.

If you know of any other links I am missing, please leave a comment and I will add them. Any type of group or resource or blog specific to Colorado is welcome!

Thank you!