Change of Plans

Hello again Friends!

It has been a while. Since this space never really got off the ground, I am fully abandoning it. Because you know sometimes life throws you a curve ball. Currently, my family is living in GERMANY! And Germany is one of the few places on earth where homeschooling is ILLEGAL. My dedication to homeschool our children all the way through was trumped by my desire to show my children the world– or at least a part of it they might not otherwise have an opportunity to see.

My kids are now 13, 10 and 8 years old. The oldest has been wanting to go back to a “real” school for a few years now. That coupled with the tween/teenager years means that she will not be returning to homeschooling when we move back to the states when our gig here in Germany is up. My 10 year old is really enjoying school also. She is surprised by this. I think, if given the choice, she will also choose to not homeschool when we return. My 8 year old still definitely wants to go back to homeschooling. I think he is thriving at school, but he is an introvert like his Mama, and he didn’t get to homeschool as much as the girls did. We will see what actually happens later.

I thought that I would enjoy a little break from the homeschooling life, but the transition from all three kids at home with me to all three kids in school all day was really difficult. I kinda lost sight of my purpose. My purpose was so wrapped up in educating my children for so long, that I forgot what it was like to do things for me. The dismal winter in northern Germany was also a factor in me slipping into a bit of a depression. Now that spring is here and I have come to terms with my place in this family, I think I am finding my footing again. So- a word to the wise- don’t forget to foster your own passions among all the work of taking care of children day in and day out. It will help you in the end!

If you are curious, I am writing about our European adventures on my family blog: Feel free to come take a look, and leave a comment when you do!

Thank you so much for reading here. I wish you the absolute best in your homeschooling journey!